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What Is a Folding Hand Trolley Used For?

December 1, 2023 -

Just a couple of years ago, a lot of people used to see folding hand trolleys were only for the elderly and those with mobility issues.

However, nowadays, these versatile trolleys are gaining popularity among a wide range of users. With a global increase in awareness about sustainability and the importance of reducing waste, people have started to look for more efficient ways of transporting goods.

One such way is through using a folding hand trolley. You’d be surprised at how many things a folding hand trolley can be used for aside shopping. If you’re looking for more creative ways to use your folding hand trolley, or you’re considering purchasing one and wondering if it would be worth the investment, keep reading to find out some creative ways that you can use your folding hand trolley.

So, what can a folding hand trolley be used for?

Grocery Shopping

Let’s start with the most obvious use for a folding hand trolley – grocery shopping. As mentioned earlier, this is how most people initially think of using a folding hand trolley. And it makes sense – these trolleys are designed to easily transport heavy and bulky items, making them perfect for carrying groceries home from the store.

Plus, with the ability to fold up and be stored away, they’re a convenient alternative to plastic bags or even bulky shopping carts, Especially for people who are sustainability-minded.

Moving Heavy Items

Another common use for folding hand trolleys is moving heavy items. Sometimes, heavy items can be difficult and even dangerous to carry on your own, especially if you have to navigate through narrow doorways or up flights of stairs. A folding hand trolley can make this task much easier and safer. Its sturdy frame and wheels allow you to easily transport heavy items without straining your back or risking injury.

It’s also worth mentioning that when deciding what folding hand trolley to purchase, you need to consider the weight of the items that you want to carry with it. This is simply because buying a hand trolley that is not strong enough to carry the weight of items that you want it to defeats the purpose of purchasing it in the first place.

Gardening and Yard Work

If you have a garden or do yard work regularly, you know how much effort it takes to move bags of soil, pots, and tools around. A folding hand trolley can make this task so much easier and save your back from multiple trips back and forth. Plus, with the ability to fold up, it won’t take up much space in your shed or garage when not in use.


When you think of a folding hand trolley, travelling is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind as a use case for this item. ​However, a folding hand trolley can also come in handy when travelling. But how?

Whether you’re going on a weekend trip and need to transport your luggage from the car to your accommodation, or if you’re a frequent flyer and need to carry multiple bags through the airport, a folding hand trolley can be a game-changer. It’s much easier to pull your luggage on a trolley than carrying it all by hand.

Event or Market Stall Setup

If you’re someone who regularly participates in events or markets, you know the struggle of setting up and taking down your stall. With multiple items and equipment to transport, a folding hand trolley can make the process much smoother and save you time and energy. Plus, with its compact design, it won’t take up much space in your booth or car.

How does a trolley make work easier?

Aside from the specific uses mentioned above, a folding hand trolley can make any task that involves transporting heavy or bulky items much easier. Here’s how:

  • Saves You Time and Energy: With a trolley, you can easily transport multiple items at once instead of making multiple trips back and forth.
  • Reduces Strain on Your Body: By using a trolley, you won’t have to strain your back, arms, or shoulders by carrying heavy loads.
  • Compact and Convenient: A folding hand trolley is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and transport when not in use.

Clax Cart: Australia’s Favourite Folding Hand Trolley

At Clax Cart, we offer a range of high-quality folding hand trolleys that are perfect for all your needs. Our innovative design allows our trolleys to fold up easily and compactly, making them ideal for small spaces and convenient to store.

Moreover, our trolleys are made with durable materials and can carry a weight capacity of up to 60kg, making them suitable for a variety of uses and items. Plus, with our range of accessories such as the basket attachment, you can customize your trolley to fit your specific needs.

Benefits of the Clax Cart Folding Hand Trolley

The Clax Cart is more than just a regular folding hand trolley. Its unique design boasts a number of exceptional features that set it apart from other trolleys on the market.

  • Two-Tier Design: The Clax Cart is the only trolley with a complete two-tier design. This two-tier structure allows you to transport more items at once, further reducing the need for multiple trips.
  • Ease of Storage: The Clax Cart can be folded flat effortlessly, making it easy to store when not in use. This feature is especially beneficial for those with limited storage space.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The trolley is equipped with an ergonomic handle that includes a simple push button. This button activates the folding function, making the trolley easy to fold and unfold.
  • Wheel Brake Mechanism: The Clax Cart includes a wheel brake mechanism, providing extra safety by preventing the trolley from moving when stationary.
  • One Collapsible Crate and a Lift-Up Tray: Extra functionalities like a collapsible crate and a lift-up tray make the Clax Cart highly versatile. These features can be beneficial for transporting various types of items and for different purposes.
  • 24-Month Warranty: The Clax Cart comes with a 24-month warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

The Clax Cart is a folding hand trolley that combines functionality, convenience, and safety into a single design. It is a reliable tool that can make your life significantly easier, whether you’re shopping for groceries, doing yard work, setting up a stall at a market, or travelling.


So there you have it – several creative ways that a folding hand trolley can be used aside from traditional grocery shopping. As we become more environmentally conscious and look for ways to reduce waste and make our lives easier, versatile tools like the Clax Cart are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you’re a busy parent, a frequent traveller, or a market stall vendor, a folding hand trolley like the Clax Cart can make your day-to-day tasks more efficient and hassle-free. With its compact design, sturdy frame, and additional features, it’s no wonder that the Clax Cart is Australia’s favourite folding hand trolley. Browse our store today to find the perfect Clax Cart for you!

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