PP30 Pet Carrier

$95.00 +GST

Includes:1 x 30PP Pet Carrier

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Make travelling with your pet a breeze with the K9 Pet Carrier.
Ideal for airline travel, the carry cage has a sturdy handle grip and tie down strapping points for safe and secure travel.
Inside the cage there is a feed bowl, water funnel and comfort tray. Blue and white in colour with a metal door, the carrier is versatile and meets strict IATA standards.

One of a select few IATA approved carriers on the market, the K9 Carrier is suitable for all sorts of four legged frequent flyers. Before travelling with your pet, contact the airline company to check their conditions and policies for travelling with pets.

  • PP30 Airline Approved pet carrier
  • Made in Australia
  • Made of rigid plastics
  • The carrier door has a secure, spring loaded, all around locking system with
    the pins extending beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door

To secure the PP30 Pet Carrier to the Clax Cart please use our Velcro straps.


Overall Dims

62cm L x 43cm H x 44cm (Medium)



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